Saturday, March 14, 2009

yum yum treats looks good enough to eat eat...

Leslie Dallion is one clever and crafty girl! Her fun-filled website, Pancake Meow is like a little adventure through Candy Land. From illustrations to candy charms, we are going bonkers over her colorful designs. Our favorite print is the Gretchen Gum Shoe Print, poor little Gretchen stepped in gum wearing her brand new pair of Mary Janes! Her sister Astrid seems shocked as well! Whoops! Make sure to watch where you step! This 8.5" x 11" print is signed on acid free cardstock for $12. Inspired by delicious desserts and breakfast foods, Leslie decided to combine her talent for making objects out of clay with her crafty nature to present to the world her line of scented miniature dessert jewelry. She serves up such tasty treats as cupcakes, ice cream cones, caramel apple pie, banana cream cake, donuts, and strawberry crepes scented with such clever fragrances as Mocha Expresso Her Feelings, Cotton Candy Is Dandy, and Banana Split Her Pants. Each piece is handmade making each piece unique. Most charms range between $22-25 and the mouth watering rings cost between $18-24.


  1. The Kookie line is adorable! If you are ever interested in letting Pretty Pink Momma host a giveaway please let me know. Thanks for adding my button :)