Monday, March 9, 2009

why can't life be one big picnic?

Who says picnics can't be fancy? Our daughters pictured above (Madeleine and Kylie), always insist on dressing the part for any event! We call them our little mini Martha's. Skip on over to kookie at and check out our kawaii butterflies and fresh cut designs that are now on sale for only $39 each + free shipping!

We have found some wonderful pretend items for our upcoming picnic extravaganzas, the first one (pictured above) is this Haba basket full of goodies (no ants at this girlie picnic)! This basket contains a total of 15 play food items that are made of beech wood with superior Haba workmanship and a nontoxic finish. This is available for purchase at for only $24.99.

Plan Toys Picnic Play Mat (pictured to the right) is perfect for our girls pretend feast! Children can simply button the Play Mat and carry it as a bag or unbutton it and dine in style. Children will especially love getting ready by packing up all the supplies for their adventure. *Food and utensil sets sold separately. This can be purchased at for $35.00.

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