Tuesday, March 10, 2009

for the tomboy who dresses like a girlie girl

Our sporty "doubles anyone?" dress by kookie is for the active girl who likes to look fashionable on + off the court. She plays like a tomboy but dresses like a girlie girl. This fab dress in dance floor lime can be purchased for $32 at www.think-kookie.com and as always, free shipping!

She won't miss a shot with these SuperGa toddler sneakers imported from Italy, this has been the "IT" shoe of chic European children for decades...sporty + chic for the hip toddler! Buy at www.milkshop.com for $45.

What girl doesn't love to jumprope. These delightful jump ropes with hand-crafted wooden handles are made in France by Vilac Toys. She will jump jump jump till the sun goes down! only $15.95 at www.blueberryforest.com.


  1. Love this! This trio is a must have for my daughter this Spring!

  2. Does this come in a "big girl" size? Like size 10 women's? hahaha.