Wednesday, April 8, 2009

playing pretend in style

Who says you can't glam up pretend play? Our girls don't do anything by halves especially when it comes to pretend play! They love to dress-up and learn about different cultures. They will be sending up smoke signals to Pocohontas and hunting for arrowheads in fabulous style! This vibrant embroidered dress by Pebbles and funky mocassins by Minnetonka Moccasin can be found at the MilkShop. Check out this fun fun fun teepee from Happy Ever Afters, ohh the fun they will have!!

kookie adores l'orange

J'adore the color orange + love handbags so when you put the two together, I go all shaky and quivery! Sashay on over to etsy and check out all of oktak's gorgeous creations!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

kookie is having a hoot!

Hoooo Hoooo?? WallCandy Arts is Hoo brings you these adorable nightowls wall stickers. What child wouldn't want these little starry eyed fellas watching over them as they sleep?

going kookie for cheeky chickies

Check out these cheeky little chickies, so cute by Zoe Woods at Etsy.

top of the class

Skip on over to The Insider page and peek at our kookie review from Celebrity Baby, we would love your vote. Cheers!!