Friday, March 20, 2009

let her eat cake in delectable style

We have pulled together the most delectable, scrumptious and sweet outfit for a girlie girls birthday party! Our kookie "let them eat cake" dress is for the girl who dresses like everyday is her birthday. This special party dress comes with a matching apron and 2 large pockets (perfect for filling with wands, stuffed animals and trinkets). Twirl on over to kookie to receive 25% off this polkadot party dress by using "sweetdress" coupon code at checkout. There will be no paper party hats for this glamour girl and she will surely light up the room with this sparkilicious silver star wand and tiara from Chasing Fireflies.

How cute are these? These scrumptious looking cupcakes (pictured in a set of 4 above) are actually little lip balms. She can treat her
lips to something sweet and indulge in raspberry cream tart, cream tart, chocolate cream puff, and yummy strawberry cream tart. If her apron pockets are full then we found this cake pouch perfect for storing all her little trinkets and goodies! All of these adorable items range between $10-$14 at Fred Flare.

Then, just when we thought we couldn't find anymore perfect birthday accessories, we found this scrumptious cake ring to make this the perfect party outfit!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

stop the waaaaaaaa!!!

These wacky bandages will be sure to stop any tears when they see you putting bacon and eggs on their boo boo! We found these on along with 9 other wacky options from a piece of steak to pickles, these are sure to turn tears to giggles!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

going bonkers for kids bento box!

The kookie girls and our mini kookies, all love to go out for Japanese and we are smitten with this Japanese style lunchbox! What a great way to serve up healthy and fun lunches that don't require bread and boring old lunchmeat! A Bentō is a single sized portion or a home-packed meal that is common in Japan. The traditional bento box contains rice, chicken, meat or fish and usually a side dish of cooked or pickled vegetables. Japanese households take great time and care in packing their bento boxes to make them appealing. This funky lunchbox is available to buy at Cooking for Monkeys for $18.

For super tips and recipes, check out this fabulous site, Lunch in a Box for pre-school recipe ideas and how to pack the perfect bento box!

audrey and her following fish

As Mom's of two party loving little girls, we are always looking for fabulous and fun stationery to send invites or thank you notes. We found this little cutie, Audrey as she was splish splashing around on Etsy. She is ready for some serious puddle jumping in her sunshine yellow wellie boots with her troop of imaginary fish friends following close behind. You can buy Audrey and the Flying Fish note card set of 6 at Ouou's shop on Etsy for $12.00.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

a little yummy pot of gold

We wanted to find something quick, fun and yummy treat for dessert tonight and found these on the Family Fun website. These scrumptious looking Shamrock cupcakes (pictured left) will delight your little leprochaun or make these little Pots of Gold (pictured right), these wee emerald pots are filled with sweet, edible gold. They are made from carved out limes and filled with golden jello and whip cream! Yum! Check out all of the recipes and other fun St. Patty's day activites at Family Fun.

me fancy fancy gasps in delight

We would like to introduce our fanciest kookie girl of all, "me fancy fancy". She is one outgoing party girl, her calender is always filled to the brim and she always has a special outfit perfect for any occasion! She loves dots, frills and girlie girl colors which is why she gasped in delight when she found this swimsuit. This Frankie & Daisy suit is called "Color by Numbers" with a tres tres girlie ruffle. Little fancy is already working on invitations for her fancy swim party!

This swimsuit costs $45 and can be pre-ordered at Ginger Snap Kids. Visit to purchase our girlie tees for $19.50 with our special coupon code "kookietees" that is valid until March 31.

Monday, March 16, 2009

me sassy sassy's teeny bikinis

We would like to introduce another of our kookie girls, "me sassy sassy". She is spirited + charming. and can go from sassy to sweet with a snap of her fingers. One of her favorite colors is yellow and she cannot decide between these funky little bikinis. Can you help her choose?

She found them both on Zappos (because she loves free shipping!). Her first option (pictured above left) is "Summer Lovin" by Roxy. She loves the little flip of this daffodil yellow skirt, adding that little bit of sass that she is known for. This dotty little piece is priced at $44 on Zappos.

Her next choice is "Sun-Kissed" by Kate Mack (pictured above right). She thinks this is one zesty little number and is puckering up at the thought of it. She is already imagining how hip she will look at her lemonade stand. Purchase this lemon-tastic suit for $54 at Zappos.