Tuesday, March 17, 2009

me fancy fancy gasps in delight

We would like to introduce our fanciest kookie girl of all, "me fancy fancy". She is one outgoing party girl, her calender is always filled to the brim and she always has a special outfit perfect for any occasion! She loves dots, frills and girlie girl colors which is why she gasped in delight when she found this swimsuit. This Frankie & Daisy suit is called "Color by Numbers" with a tres tres girlie ruffle. Little fancy is already working on invitations for her fancy swim party!

This swimsuit costs $45 and can be pre-ordered at Ginger Snap Kids. Visit www.think-kookie.com to purchase our girlie tees for $19.50 with our special coupon code "kookietees" that is valid until March 31.


  1. I am both passing out from the cuteness and having my ovaries do backflips for a little girl to put this suit on!