Wednesday, March 18, 2009

going bonkers for kids bento box!

The kookie girls and our mini kookies, all love to go out for Japanese and we are smitten with this Japanese style lunchbox! What a great way to serve up healthy and fun lunches that don't require bread and boring old lunchmeat! A Bentō is a single sized portion or a home-packed meal that is common in Japan. The traditional bento box contains rice, chicken, meat or fish and usually a side dish of cooked or pickled vegetables. Japanese households take great time and care in packing their bento boxes to make them appealing. This funky lunchbox is available to buy at Cooking for Monkeys for $18.

For super tips and recipes, check out this fabulous site, Lunch in a Box for pre-school recipe ideas and how to pack the perfect bento box!

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  1. Oh my gosh! Your blog makes me want a GIRL! I have three boys. If I try for a girl I'll end up with 4 boys, lol!

    I love tis lunchbox. I was thinking there is no way I can follow your blog because it is just for girls but when I checked out this site I saw there were boys lunch boxes too! The toys and stuff you find are just adorable! I have a niece I can spoil with the cute things on your blog :)

    Thanks! Visiting from SITS!