Monday, March 16, 2009

me sassy sassy's teeny bikinis

We would like to introduce another of our kookie girls, "me sassy sassy". She is spirited + charming. and can go from sassy to sweet with a snap of her fingers. One of her favorite colors is yellow and she cannot decide between these funky little bikinis. Can you help her choose?

She found them both on Zappos (because she loves free shipping!). Her first option (pictured above left) is "Summer Lovin" by Roxy. She loves the little flip of this daffodil yellow skirt, adding that little bit of sass that she is known for. This dotty little piece is priced at $44 on Zappos.

Her next choice is "Sun-Kissed" by Kate Mack (pictured above right). She thinks this is one zesty little number and is puckering up at the thought of it. She is already imagining how hip she will look at her lemonade stand. Purchase this lemon-tastic suit for $54 at Zappos.


  1. love these colors! bring on the summer!

  2. These are ones that I think my girls will love!


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  3. Those swimsuits are to adorable. I love the lemon one.