Saturday, March 7, 2009

sweet girlie gifts at craftsbury kids

We love handmade gifts and one of the sweetest places to shop is at Craftsbury kids. It was so hard to pick amongst all the fabulous handmade items. Madeleine and Kylie adore fairies and this cupcake fairy is a perfect birthday present for our little fairy lovers. This scrumptious little Pink Cupcake Fairy will surround your little girl with that vanilla cupcake aroma for as long as you keep her! Each Cupcake Fairy has hand-dyed glittery wings, and holds a hand-sculpted cupcake. Completely handmade by Lollipop Workshop for $40.00.

Inspired by vintage peg and clothespin dolls, posy girl pendants are painted completely by hand with caring attention to detail and finished with a thick coat of varnish. The best part is, each little girl is entirely customizable. You choose her hair, clothing, and skin colors, along with the letter you would like on her little heart necklace. She'll be as unique as the girl who will wear her! for $16.00.

I just have fallen in love with this precious little ring. A heart cut from 3mm plywood is carefully collaged with a one-of-a-kind design and finished with a glossy protective sealer. The ring is adjustable to fit all sizes. Handmade by artist Zoe Woods. "Happy Day" is truly unique as no two rings are alike and only $8.00. buy these gorgeous items at

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